Worldwide Radio Broadcast

In an email, Jiri Wackermann suggested, "perhaps you should take a look at the date/time given in the attached email. It seems like a broadcast with a potentially global effect." The description was of a Worldwide radio broadcast Nov. 11, 2007 at 10:00 AM Middle European time on Science and Religion, in the form of a service (sermon) by Wolfgang Achtner in Giessen, Germany, to be broadcast on Deutschlandfunk.

Jiri added that it was not really a prediction, but a delayed post-diction. In any case it seems appropriate to do the analysis, although in the informal explorations category because this is an event with relatively local draw and relatively small global participation. The duration was not specified, but I decided to look at two hours beginning at 10:00, an hour for the sermon and an hour for aftermath.

The result is a small positive deviation, with no substantial suggestion of a correlation with the sermon. Chisquare is 7245.128 on 7200 df for a p-value of 0.352 and corresponding Z of 0.381.

Worldwide Radio

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