Muhsin Yaz, Helicopter Crash Mar 25 2009

Egghost Inci Erkin sent a note on 31 March 2009 with a request to look at data from the 25th. She says,

We had ELECTIONS at Turkey on Sunday, But before that we had an accident which made everybody sad at Turkey, So I want you to make a look to the Noosphere's results.

On the day 25-march Wednesday, The leader of an ultra-nationalist Turkish political party (Turkey's Grand Unity Party) Muhsin Yazicioglu was involved in a helicopter crash in a mountainous region of eastern Turkey. Turkey learnt about the crash beginning at 4:20 pm local time All Turkey prayed for the victims to survive.. Unfortunately, They could not find the helicopter for two days, And it was found on 27 March all the 6 people had been dead

Turkey was shocked and all the people was very sorry, about the losses. Everybody was also very angry, because they searched for the helicopter at the wrong direction, even though one of the survivors cellphoned and asked for help..

Unfortunately he was also dead because of the freezing cold weather conditions .

Links for more information:

The analysis shows a strong downward trend until about 05:00, local time, then a positive trend for the rest of the day.