Global Pulse, Dec 29 2007, Hawaii

Global Pulse, Dec 29 2007, Organized by Estara and the Earth Conciousness Institute, Kona, Hawaii.

A World-Wide Meditation Ceremony.

Join in on Dec. 29th 2007, as we create a global pulse of consciousness to facilitate a
positive shift on our Earth.

This is a Galactic Alignment Gateway of a super high energetic impulse of cosmic energy
that is available to change the very fabric of our reality. This ceremony has been inspired
by spiritual visions and communications from the dolphins and whales to gather the
collective power of human consciousness.

4:00pm HST- Live and Web-casted Ceremony Begins (6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST)

The data corresponding to the beginning of the event actually are on Dec 30 at 02:00 UTC. I decided to look at a period beginning a couple of hours earlier, and continuing for several hours after the 4:00 pm time in Kona (Midnight to 06:00 GMT). The outcome is interesting in that the trend goes downward, meaning there is a tendency for the trial outcomes to have smaller variance than expected. We see this with some regularity in widely-organized meditation events (like the Transcendental Meditation gatherings, and the international meditation events last year in June and September.)

Global Pulse, Dec
29, Hawaii

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