Two Murders in Holland

Two very shocking murders occurred in Holland, both apparently because the victims had strong public positions that were anathema to groups with opposing views.

Pim Fortuyn was a controversial but charismatic political figure with an outside chance of being elected prime minister. He was assassinated apparently by a leftist activist on May 6 2002 at 18:06. This was a political murder in a sense, but complicated. Fortuyn was an outspoken gay libertarian who was also frankly anti-immigration because Muslim immigrants tended to be intolerant of homosexuals like himself. He called for programs to assimilate resident Muslims into the traditional Dutch culture of open-mindedness.

In this case I did an exploratory analysis at the time or a few months later, and it was extensive, separating out the data for egg 1000, which is in Amsterdam. The graph is self-explanatory, and very interesting, suggesting departure from expectation associated with the murder, but only for the network as a whole. Two Murders in Holland

The more recent, and also widely publicized murder was Theo van Gogh on Nov 2 2004 at 08:45 local time. It was seen as a part of the building effects of international terrorism. The event is shown as a cumulative deviation of Chisquare over a period beginning 1 hour before the murder and ending 3 hours after. (This was a new exploration done by request, Jul 28 2005.) Two Murders in Holland

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