Loveall Conjecture

Terry Loveall wrote on Fri, 04 Mar 2005:

After having become aware of the Global Consciosness Project and watching the readings of the Christmas Tsnami I present a conjecture as to what it is you are measuring. The shifting of the characteristic data _before_ the tsunami was the key.

The GCP data is measuring the static values of a probability shift, in the same manner that a barometer measures a storm. The probability shift is in a wave form quite analogous to that of a weather system, a 'probability storm' if you will.

Your GCP measurements are not measuring the Global Consciousness so much as the affect of Global Consciousness on the local probability waves. The GCPs are measuring Global Consciousness in the same way that tracking global warming is measuring Global Consciousness. Global Consciousness does impact both, but neither underlying mechanism is that of Global Consciousness.

He presented some suggestions for testing these notions, and also a slightly tongue-in-cheek proposal to

3) Check for an unexplained shift coincident with this message :-)

I decided to do that as an exploration of the truly arbitrary but nonethless interesting, with the following result: Loveall Conjecture

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