Anna Lindh

Torsten Nordlander wondered what response there might have been to the murder of Anna Lindh. He says "She was supposed to be our next prime minister so we were all shocked. Here are the facts: She was attacked on the evening of 10 September. The media stated that she was [badly injured by multiple stab wounds]. Next day around 9 in the morning the message was spread that she died of the wounds. The 11th of September is a day with many terrible memories."

The attack took place while she was shopping, probably about 3 pm (12:00 GMT). She had surgery to treat severe internal injuries, and for a time there was some optimism about her survival. The figure shows a steady depression of the Z-scores from about the time of the stabbing until the time of her death early on the following day. There is a two-hour period in the evening, local time, where the curve changes direction, but then it reverts to the steady downward trend.

Such a trend shows up in several other analyses of GCP data associated with tragic deaths, including others in this exploratory list.

Anna Lindh murdered

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