Iran Goes with Atoms + Helicopter Crash

This is an exploration to see whether the combined effects of two disparate events, neither of which is of the sort usually chosen for "global events", may affect the eggs. Henri Laupmaa suggested the exploration, in the context of asking whether the realtime "dot" display on the GCP site should be taken seriously. (It is possible he looked for and found these events because the dot seemed to indicate strong coherence in the network -- a procedure that precludes inclusion in the formal series.)

On the 10th of August 2004, the Iranian government proceeded to unseal their atomic plants, which had been under UN seal during the recent negotiations with EU countries to preclude nuclear proliferation in Iran. In addition, Laupman reports,

There was a helicopter crash on route between Tallinn and Helsinki couple of hours ago which was reported in many news sources around the world and the coherence indicator on the Noosphere site indicated high 5% red."

Because the world is quite tense in expectation of an event that might triger the next war - so any such event is highly reported and followed. Which means the attention is so high that smaller events can have high impact.

The overall question is - should we in the GCP community reccommend potential events that produce coherence?

If the answer is yes then [there were] today were two events in the news that might create some attention / coherence:

a. Iran breaks U.N. seals on atomic plant (time - dispersed over day) b. Helicopter crash in the Baltic sea (happened 12.45 GMT+2 and news followed starting from 1 PM)

What does the data show? How seriously can we take the correlation in Brad Anderson's java application?

As the figure shows, there is no strong indication of a trend around the time of the crash. On the other hand, the early morning beginning about 06:00 local time in Tehran, and continuing until a little after noon, shows a strong trend, that would be highly significant if an a priori prediction had been made for this period. For the full day, the deviation is modest, and not distinguishable from chance.

Iran Goes with Atoms +
Helicopter Crash

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