Miracle of Holy Fire

Oleg Avchenko suggested we might want to look at the data corresponding to the Miracle of the Holy Fire, which is an important, repeating event in the Christian Orthodox celebration of Easter. From the website www.holylight.gr:

A lot of people in this world heard about the HOLY LIGHT that comes out on Resurrection Day in Easter (Pascha) in Jerusalem. People who haven't seen it believe that the Orthodox Patriarch goes into the Holy Sepulchre and lights up the candles. Through our pages you will realize the truth, that HOLY LIGHT is a great miracle of CHRIST for all the world to see. I decided to make this site to present the truth to the world.

Our exploratory analysis looks at a three hour period, centered on the time Oleg indicates the light is expected to appear. The graph shows a steady, though not statistically significant low-going trend. While we cannot make a sound interpretation because this is not a formal, prespecified hypothesis test, steady slopes like this are consistent with a small, persistent effect.

Miracle of Holy

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