Hessdalen Observation December 5 2006

Erling Strand, the director of Project Hessdalen sent an email saying there has been observation in Hessdalen: http://www.hessdalen.org/observations/2006/. A live camera shows a view from the Hessdalen Station.

"The observation yesterday was not that far from the station. Do you think it is possible to look at some of the data from the egg at the time of the observation? It was at 6.58 P.M. local time, which should be 5:58 P.M. UTC. It could be interesting to look at the period from 5:50 P.M. UTC to 6:15 P.M. UTC, on the 5the December 2006.

"[Witnesses] said the observation lasted a short time. But it took the time for the first lady (Rutt Marry) to walk in to her house and call the other lady (Hallfrid), who goes out to look, and then yells to her husband (Bjarne). He gets up from his chair, goes to the window, and stays there for some seconds. I would estimate this period should be 3 minutes. The calling was done 5:58 UTC, so the observation started a short time before that."

The result is very interesting, but surprising if one thinks the GCP effects are largely or essentially local. There is a striking response in the full network (All Eggs) but not in the Hessdalen Egg's data. The graphic display of results at shows this contrast. The All Data statistics (which are typically what we use in formal hypothesis tests) show a Chisquare of 1581.4 on 1500 df, a probability of 0.070 and Z of 1.472.

Observation December 5 2006

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