Hayden Schwartz 19?? - 2002

Many friends of Hayden and Stephan Schwartz had been sending healing thought and prayers over the time Hayden was engaged in a great effort to recover from her illness. On January 30 2002, Stephan wrote to let us know of her transition.

My beloved wife and life partner Hayden left her body at 4:13 Tuesday afternoon. In the end the pain simply wore her down, leaving her the impossible choice of either heavily medicated consciousness, or pain.

Beginning about a week ago we knew that she was going to die, just not when.

She died at home, in her own bed, on her own terms, surrounded by friends and family who attended her with great love and tenderness. She was completely at peace and, in death looked as if she had gone to sleep, her face completely relaxed. It was an expression I have seen a thousand times when I came to bed early in the morning from writing all night.

She will be cremated and, later in the spring or early summer, I will go out to Los Angeles, with our daughters and, accompanied by any friends who wishto join us, we will walk in the the Angeles Crest Wilderness along what we called "Baby Mountain Trail". There at a place about 3 miles in, where Hayden and I were married, our girls became sisters, and we became a family, along a small mountain stream that bubble through the rocks, we will scatter her ashes.

-- Stephan, Katherine and Lea, and Dori (her mother)

This image is of the cumulative departure of the GCP network of 44 eggs on the 29th, in UTC hours. Hayden's passing late in the day is marked. The long, steady slope in the trace looks symbolically appropriate. Of course, it is not possible to attribute it directly as a response of the network. But Stephan was involved in thinking about and writing for the early stages of the GCP, and together with my concern for Hayden and my decision to make an exploratory analysis, this does provide a linkage that might explain an unusual response of the eggs in terms of an unconscious "experimenter" effect.

Hayden will be missed, and she will be remembered with love.

Hayden Schwartz 19?? - 2002

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