Giant Rock

The Giant Rock Splits, Feb. 21, 2000

As a result of a note from Steve Sugarman, I extracted the data for a period of time surrounding the moment the Giant Rock split, apparently fulfilling an ancient Indian prophesy that a new era would be revealed when "the Mother" split open. The Rock was held sacred by the native people living in the area near Joshua Tree, California, and was the site of important ceremonies. Some believe that this is one of many remarkable events that may be signs or guides to the development of a maturing human consciousness.

(From the High Desert Star newspaper, Wednesday, February 23, 2000) 
LANDERS, CA - Before Monday morning, Giant Rock, was considered by many 
the largest boulder in the world. It is now two boulders. A slice of the 
rock fell off from the boulder at 8:20 a.m. Monday, exposing a gleaming 
white granite interior. 

The two following figures show, first, the cumulative deviation of the mean of data from all eggs (26 were reporting data) for one hour surrounding the time reported for the splitting of the rock. This indicator shows a steady departure from expectation, but it is not a significant deviation (p = 0.118). The second figure shows in a similar form the deviation of the variance of the across eggs. With brief exceptions, it was smaller than expected for most of the hour.

Rock, Cumulative Deviation of

Rock, Cumulative Deviation of

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