Finnish School Murders

The Finnish school murder/massacre on Nov 7 2007 was suggested as a global event by Hans Wendt. We discussed it a bit, with me suggesting that, horrible as it is, the world as a whole heard little about it. Hans said, "I see your point re global event--then again, the Littleton and Beslan school shootings seemed a propos your intent. And the event at Jokela high school 30 mi. N of Helsinki does appear to get increasing attention, even in the U.S. at least on the second page."

"The student was known to be intelligent, interested in weaponry and dictatorships. No info. about siblings to date. He had announced his plan on YouTube, with sweatshirt visible and logo, "humanity is overrated". His background was average family, no criminal record. After the murders police found 59 casings, although he had brought along 500 rounds. Police speculate that he had planned on a much bigger massacre.

As for timing it was Nov. 7. He was behaving strangely by late morning as someone had supposedly noticed--or said so after the fact! Then at noon (exactly, as per one teacher) began walking from room to room and firing, including through closed doors. Students and teachers jumped out of windows. From what I have pieced together the massacre was over by 1 pm or so, the boy died of his self-inflicted head wound soon after in a hospital. This was followed by hours of reaction by parents and families of the 8 (some said 9) victims, community reaction and the other sequels, national day of mourning, debates beginning yesterday regarding gun laws, et al. Many Finns own guns (perhaps like Switzerland although fewer than in U.S. and Yemen). However, gun related crime is very rare and using guns in committing such is against the law and prosecuted; I am not so sure about U.S. state laws in that respect. Over the years Finnish schools (?) had one or two violence incidents but involving knives. His pistol was licensed through a gun club, purchased 2 weeks or so before, and 5.5 mm caliber. To kill people this would take close range and precision."

In any case, it is worth an exploration, and I specified a period of 5 hour beginning about an hour before the shooting started. UTC 9:00 to 13:00 (11 to 3 local). The result is a small, irregular negative trend with Chisquare 14300.244 on 14400 df for p = 0.721 and Z = -0.586.

Finnish School

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