Elisabeth Targ

Elisabeth Targ is a precious being in the community of people whose work is to heal our world and grow a better future. On April 5, 2002, Elisabeth had surgery for a brain tumor which was diagnosed as glioblastoma multiforme. Please send healing intention for the alleviation of her condition and for her complete recovery. Here is some information about her drawn from a website created by her friends at http://www.etarg.org/. For deeper connections and an opportunity to join many others in wishing her well, go to the site.

Elisabeth came home on the afternoon of the 9th and has been adapting to being at home. She is healing remarkably fast from the surgery and is taking regular walks, doing yoga, resting a lot and meeting with a remarkable team of spiritual healers and alternative medicine specialists to plan her course of rehabilitation. Her speech is mildly impaired and is an octave or two higher than usual and she is having difficulty swallowing normally but all of these functions are expected to return after a month or two of rehabilitation. She appreciates immensely all of the prayers and beautiful thoughts and wishes that have been sent to her.

Because I think of Elisabeth as one of the people whose attitude and presence in the world help make the idea of global consciousness sensible, I decided to look at the GCP data gathered from our network of 45 eggs around the world on the day of her surgery. This is not a formal test in any sense, but an exploration of the possibility that there may be some reflection in the data of her presence in the widespread concern of her tremendous network of friends on this critical day. You can judge for yourself whether the resulting picture has meaning.

The circles on the data trace mark important points in the day. She met the surgical team at about 7:00, went to the operating room about 7:40, and at 9:45 the first incision was made (marked Begin). The surgery lasted for about six hours, and went perfectly from a technical point of view. After a few hours in the neuro intensive care unit, Elisabeth regained consciousness, ready to begin the next phase. Let there be healing light.

Elisabeth Targ

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