The tragic accident resulting in the death of Princess Diana generated a worldwide reaction, and the memorial procession and funeral planned for Saturday, September 6th, 1997, was an occasion that focused attention from across the world. Predictions were made that on the order of two million people would attempt to be present at the processions and ceremonies and that some two billion people might attend the live broadcasts of the day's events. This was a sad occasion that certainly engendered a shared consciousness experience with profound emotional impact for huge numbers of people. The hypothesis was formed that worldwide sharing would generate a "consciousness field" whose resonance or coherence might affect the random event generator (REG) devices used in various Field REG (or FieldREG) studies. (Nelson, et al, 96; Radin, et al, 96; Bierman, 96; Nelson, et al, 97; Nelson, 97; Radin, 97)

One week later, the world watched again as Mother Teresa was honored in a widely publicized ceremony in Calcutta. Mother Teresa's death was a loss, especially to the people she served, but it was expected, and did not generate the extreme emotional outpouring that accompanied Diana's death. Nevertheless, this occasion provided another opportunity to study the possible anomalous effects of consciousness states formed by global events.