Exploration: Disclosure Press Conference

On Dec 30, 2002, S. Michael Hoke wrote:

Dear Dr. Nelson:

I would be curious to know whether there were any anomalous EGG data observed May 9, 2001. On that date, The Disclosure Project (http://www.DisclosureProject.org) held a press conference at The National Press Club during which some two dozen high ranking government and corporate witnesses related testimony regarding their firsthand encounters with positively-identified extraterrestrial spacecraft and ET beings, both living and dead. The live webcast of this event is said to have been the most widely viewed webcast in the history of the internet.

I responded that I don't often do custom analyses, but the pleasant letter persuaded me to take a look in an exploratory mode. The attached graph shows the results. It displays the usual analysis for a two-hour period beginning at 2pm EST, the time he recalled for the beginning of the press conference. The trend is positive, but not significant, so we can't really distinguish the result from normal chance fluctuation. There is a strong trend for about half an hour beginning a little after 2, but again, we could not claim this is a response to the press conference unless we had made a prior prediction that this period of time would show a departure from expectation. From my perspective, it is an interesting graph, but it is not possible to make evidentiary claims.

Exploration: Disclosure Press

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