Mike Cheponis House Fire

In the spirit of exploration, we take a look at what happens in the last hours of an egg that is destroyed along with the house and home of its host. I had noticed that Mike Cheponis' egg was not reporting data, and sent a note to inquire, and let him know that something was amiss. As it happens, plenty was amiss, and after a few days, I got a note from Mike telling me what happened. He has given permission to add this material to the exploratory database.

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:21:46 +0000 (UTC)

From: Mike

To: rdnelson

Subject: Re: Egg 1021 off?

Roger, our house burned up on Sunday around 5:05 am local time. The servers are completely burned up, and I'm afraid the egg was one of them.

I and my family made it out of the house OK, and we're currently living in a hotel until we find a rental house; it seems as if our house will need to be torn down and rebuilt.

I am hopeful that I'll have a permanent internet connection when we get our rental (as I have a WISP, thank goodness). But I will need another sensor. Also, do you know if the code has been ported to BSD unix? Lastly, I wonder if my egg reported anything unusual before it was engulfed in flame?

Thanks -Mike

Mike Cheponis Fire

Mike Cheponis Fire

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