Athens Meditations 2

This is a second look at Panos Axiomakaros' regular session with a group working on spiritual development, July 2-4 2004. The format is the same as in the earlier look in October 2003.

Again I looked at the whole network, with the general assumption being that the effect is nonlocal. For explorations, it is possible to look at individual eggs, and to compare their behavior with the rest. All of this is a low signal to noise situation, so we have to be careful with interpretations.

He provided timings from 10:00'-13:00' and 14:00'-17:00' for the three days. The prediction and analysis used this timing quite exactly, forming one trace by concatenating the two periods each day and then forming an average over the three days, The figure shows the result for the whole network, and for the Athens egg alone. It isn't definitive, but neither the single egg nor the full network show strong trends, and they diverge little from expectation.

Athens 2 Meditations

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