Cyprus Airplane Crash Near Athens

I received suggestions from multiple sources that we should look at the plane crash on August 14, 2005. One was Henk Vietor, who has previously provided information on his precognitive dreams concerning accidents and disasters, which he registers with The Parapsychology Institute in Utrecht. On Friday, 12 August, his dream had "... most of the facts of the plane crash ..." that occurred in Greece on the 14th. A second suggestion was by Linda Leblanc and John Knowles, Egg hosts in Cyprus.

A flight from Cyprus crashed 25 miles from Athens, near Marathon, and 121 people died. The Cyprus-based Helios Boeing 737 crashed at 0905 GMT (local Greek time 1205pm), but it had been out of contact for two hours before the actual crash. This crash received quite extensive world media coverage for several days, not just in Greece & Cyprus. Since these are 2 countries with small populations (Republic of Cyprus is only about 700,000 people), there was enormous emotion & anguish over this event here.

The analysis looks at the whole network (64 eggs), asking whether there was a departure from randomness in around the time of this event. Similar events have usually looked at a four hour period, and using this model, we examine the time from 12:00 to 16:00, Athens time. We also present an interesting look at the relatively local eggs, one in Athens (2027), and one in Cyprus (2048)

Cyprus Airplane Crash Near

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