Exploration, Stock Market, Apr 14 Drop

Many people are deeply interested in the Stock Market. Indeed, much of our public activity seems to be driven by the pursuit of the "good life" as symbolized by wealth and luxury, and that in turn is apparently supported by the stock market's good behavior. Apr 14 NYSE Drop, Stockpoint Gif So when the behavior turns bad, as it did on April 14 2000, to yield a record drop of more than 600 points, lots of people were concerned and closely focused on the steady decline from opening to close. Marsha Adams suggested that the EGG data might reflect this as well, so we pulled the data from 9:30 to 16:00 (13:30 to 20:00, UTC) to assess her tentative prediction. As has been seen in previous explorations of the effect of the market on our measure of global consciousness, the EGG data in this case do not show a clear trend, and are indistinguishable from a random walk. The following graph shows these data, which have Chisquare = 783.9 on 777 df for a p-value of 0.424.

Apr 14 NYSE Drop

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