Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, Dies

In an ironic tragedy, Steve Irwin, popular TV figure known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a giant sting ray. Irwin was snorkeling and was being filmed for a documentary. He swam over a sting ray, apparently too close for the animal's comfort, and it stabbed him in the chest with the one foot long bony spike of its tail. He died almost immediately.

Though this is not a global event of the kind we expect will correlate with GCP data structure, people were interested, so we have made an exploratory analysis, shown in the figure below. The death occurred at about 1:00 am GMT, and the news was on the airwaves a couple of hours later. The figure shows an hour before the attack, which is marked, and 11 hours following, during which the news spread widely. There is no obvious pattern of reaction, although the downward trend beginning at about 7:00 am GMT is pretty steady. (And it continues for several more hours.) Steve
Crocodile Hunter Dies

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